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Re-purposing waste

We’re committed to the circular economy and a world where waste is reimagined

The circular economy plays a huge role in the Recycling industry, where the life of materials is extended for re-purpose and re-use to be entered back into the lifecycle, thus avoiding the mining of further natural resources and necessity to create new materials when we already have what is needed in circulation.

It’s a prerogative at Recycling Lives to ensure that the quality of our recycled materials is the highest possible for further re-purpose, which means we make every effort to use the most sustainable and efficient processes possible.​  Equally important is the holistic approach we take to streamlining processes, reducing energy consumption, minimising landfill, and using digitisation and innovation to continually improve and increase recovery of usable materials.​

​We do all of this working with the justice system and sister Recycling Lives Charity, to provide work opportunities, prevent offending and re-offending, in turn giving back to local economies and communities, so positive social impact is truly embedded to all the work we do and a strong contributor to our environmental initiatives.​

​As a member of Business in the Community’s Circular Economy Taskforce, we work with other businesses, manufacturers and government bodies to find and implement practical solutions.

Our commitment to sustainability

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Industry-leading reporting – advanced reporting capabilities through our bespoke, online customer portal. Tracks the complete waste management journey from collection to disposal. Includes multi-layered diversion data and enhanced carbon impact reports.
The Recycling Lives waste management portal
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Why work with us
British Gas Logo
British Gas

“Our relationship with Recycling Lives spans more than 6 years starting with our first load in 2016.

We send scrap and waste material including copper, brass, ferrous metal and more they also handle our hazardous waste such as oil and aerosols. We honestly like everything about Recycling Lives, their people are dedicated to what they do, work hard and are exceptionally friendly to deal with. Their attitude to work and charity is inspirational. Long may our partnership continue.”

Why work with us
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British Telecom

“BT and Recycling Lives have a long established relationship stretching back over 15 years.

We were looking to ensure we met and exceeded all of our environmental and waste targets and goals. To enable us to achieve this, we needed to work with the right partners that carry the same values and provide us with solutions we need in an ever change environment. Recycling Lives have continuously demonstrated their ability to deliver, always willing to go that extra mile when needed, and have built a trust within BT that our waste is in safe hands. We will continue to work with Recycling Lives in the future.”


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