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Positive social impact

We provide services that change lives

Caring for people and individuals from disadvantaged groups sits at the heart of Recycling Lives Services. We provide services that change lives. This helps our customers comply with Social Value Act 2012 requirements and helps them build on their own sustainability strategies. We provide significant social value per pound spent and can provide certification for our customers to prove it too.

Some examples of our social value programmes:

Release on Temporary License (ROTL) this program enables us to work with those reaching the end of their prison sentence and are Release on Temporary License. We support these groups into work across our operational sites. This helps reduce reoffending and provides invaluable second chances to change lives for the better

Extending our reach as well as our support for those people who are within or leaving the justice system, we work with other disadvantaged groups to help provide the right opportunities to create stability and self-sufficiency in today’s world

Bespoke social value solutions – we can develop unique social value solutions for your project, for example in partnership with Recycling Lives Charity we helped to set up a Renew Hub as part of our contract with Suez/GMCA which is staffed by people including those from disadvantaged groups. Projects like these can help meet your social value commitments and truly make a difference

External partnerships – we work closely with our local communities and supply chain to improve the outcomes of those who need our support. For example we lease out some of our head office space to local charities at reduced rates to help them in their missions

Caring for our own staff we invest heavily in welfare, training, improving diversity and making our operations a rewarding workplace to ensure our own staff are well looked after

Recycling Lives Charity

We also work closely with Recycling Lives charity to help support their social programs.

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